Glendora, CA

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Hi! I'm Jenna, 

 an Occupational Therapist and Applied Clinical Nutritionist who turned to holistic therapy after stuggling with health issues and finding little solace or hope with conventional medicine. After seeking guidance from holistic practitioners for years and experiencing promising relief, I decided to gain the education I needed so that I could help others in a similar way. 


Now, I'm able to help those like myself who want a change and desire that change to be through holistic measures. 

Using  Whole Food and Herbal Supplements, Diatary and Lifestyle Changes, Homeopathy, and Essential Oils, I am confident that together we can help you onto a path of more abundant health and wellness. 

I have a unique approach which combines my backgound and experience as an Occuaptional Therapist and as an Applied Clinical Nutritionist .


Call to make an appointment today to find out how together we can change your health.

  • Digestive wellness

  • Food allergies & intolerance

  •  Meal Planning

  • Diet and Detoxification

  • Elimination diets

  • Sugar Handling 

  • Poor Sleep Quality

  • Inflammation

  • Allergies

  • Chronic Health Conditions

  • Adrenal Stress

  • Gut Flora Imbalances

  • Cortisol Issues 

  • Blood Labs

  • Hormone Imbalnce

  • Athletic Performance